About CRAB

CRAB®’s approach to curing cancer is to collaborate with investigators to design, implement, and execute clinical trials such that reliable and replicable results are obtained. We provide expert input from the designing of the study and protocol development through to the final analysis and publication of results. Our highly trained cancer research specialists, together with our customized electronic data capture system, provide seamless data collection, query tracking and resolution so that analyses follow immediately upon study completion.

CRAB, a 501(c)(3), was founded in 1997 by John Crowley, Ph.D., an internationally renowned biostatistician. He and his research team have led the development of statistical methods and technologies to optimize cancer research and the clinical trial process.

SWOG continues to be the primary client of CRAB but our clinical trial services have been secured by other consortia, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies. We have extended our expertise to cancer staging, historical controls, high dimensional genomic correlatives and targeted designs and therapies.

The research team at CRAB is mission driven: our goal is to prevent or cure cancer.  We are committed to assuring research quality and integrity so that patients on our trials and others who follow will benefit from the knowledge gained.