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Where does your target audience hang out?

There is one fundamental question to be buy real active twitter followers answered … do your targets actually use social media? If not, then you might as well stop right now and spend your time and investment on a marketing activity that will reach (the vast majority of) them. If you believe they do use social media then think about: Do your targets use Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? Google+? Pinterest? etc etc etc. As a general rule, if you need to connect with consumers, Facebook could well be a good place to hang out. If you want business people, then LinkedIn would be better. If you are in a visual environment, e.g. you sell products, then Pinterest is worth looking into. When great content is available and your targets are forward-thinking, then Google+ is where they are likely to be. Basically, you need to be where your targets are – there is little point marketing places on a pre-school activity scheme at an old people’s home!

your target audience

Find where your targets are

Now you have worked out where your targets hang out, and have great content placed somewhere online, e.g. your website or blog, then you need to connect with your targets. It is not a case of “If I build it they will come” so just because you have this great content doesn’t mean who you need to reach will can you buy followers on twitter find it. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) aside, you need to ‘seed’ your content on the social media networks your targets hang out, with links back to where it can be read, so when you connect with someone they will follow your breadcrumbs around the internet. Don’t be a shrinking violet and sit back to wait for people to come to you. This will just not do. You need to be out there, where they are, and actively reaching out to them.

Have lots of conversations

I said that conversation is king – it is now time for you to think about how you will engage with your targets so they can have a conversation with you. Sometimes this will be as simple as a ReTweet (RT) or a follow on Twitter and the other person replies to say thank you. There may be a post on Facebook that you comment on or share and the original poster responds. This is how conversations start and you never know where they may lead. For instance … I was followed on Twitter by a business local to me and as always, I read this person’s bio and looked at buy arabic twitter followers their website. I decided I was interested in what they did and what they had to say so I followed them back and sent a tweet saying what a good idea their business is. One tweet led to another – as can so often happen – and now they are a client which I advise on their marketing and write content for (take a look at what the amazing Clandon Wood is all about).

Don’t let your strategy gather dust

It is great that you now have the knowledge to write a simple social media strategy but just having this strategy in your hand/desk is not enough. You need to put it into action. Think of your strategy as the skeleton of your social media activity and you need to add the organs and the blood to make it come alive – this is the activity plan. Write a schedule of daily activities and commit to following through (this often proves more buy twitter followers without following difficult to do than writing the strategy!). For example, Day 1 = spend 15 minutes on Twitter and RT anything relevant / find new people to follow, tweet a link to new content on your site/blog. Spend 10 minutes on Facebook reading your newsfeed and commenting/sharing posts. Write a blog post and send a link out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Analyse the stats relating to traffic to your website, monitor any increase/decrease in followers/likes/connections. You get the drift.