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Popular Pays turns Instagram followers into social currency

Popularity on social networks, like Instagram, can get you more than a few “likes” and internet fame.With the creation of social currency platform Popular Pays, digital-saavy Chicagoans can now leverage their volume of followers buy 20 instagram followers for goods and services at a variety of local businesses including Bang Bang Pie Shop, Antique Taco, Skydive Chicago and more.“We believe in the power of influence and the fact that everyone is their own media channel,” said Allan Holmes, co-founder of Popular Pays.The social currency of Popular Pays involves Instagram users with 500 or more followers and local businesses looking for a new and exciting way to engage with customers and promote their brand.Users can cash in on their social value through what Holmes refers to as "swaps," which are items or services offered by local businesses to influencers based on their number of followers on Instagram. Examples range from a horchata milkshake at Antique Taco for users with 500 followers or more to a skydive jump at Skydive Chicago for users with 40,000 followers or more. After using a swap, users are encouraged, but not required, to post a photo on their Instagram page informing followers about their swap experience, which acts as word-of-month advertising for the businesses involved, Holmes said. “We’re bringing barter back; anyone with a phone can earn something for being good at what they do,” said Holmes, 26, of Wicker Park. “A lot of people put a lot of work into their Instagram, and they should be rewarded for their work.”

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Top 10 Social Media Research Articles Important for Public Relations from the First Half of 2013

Since social and other emerging media (including Twitter, social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn plus Wikis such as Wikipedia) are having a significant impact on public relations practice, the Institute buy legit instagram followers for Public Relations initiated its Social Science of Social Media Research Center in 2012.Recently, the three research editors of this center were asked to identify the top ten social media reports published during the first half of 2013. Studies were selected based upon methodological rigor, sample size, findings and accessibility.However, the editors only selected nine articles and the Institute seeks your help in identifying the tenth. We hope readers will nominate suggestions for this tenth article and/or provide comments about the nine already selected.I’d recommend the Spreadable Media project. This collection of 34 articles are case studies and cultural analyses written by academic researchers in media studies, cultural studies, film studies, communication, journalism, sociology, history, anthropology, business and marketing, design, English, and American studies, at institutions from MIT, UC-Berkeley, NYU, and USC to Universidad Veritas, Queensland University of Technology, North Carolina State University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a range of other universities.

Social Media Rock Star Makes $28,000 Per Year

MARIETTA, GA—Widely regarded as one of the online world’s brightest personalities, sources confirmed Friday that famed 28-year-old social media rock star Ryan Wasserman, better known as @RWthinks by his legions buy 5000 instagram followers of passionate fans, makes roughly $28,000 per year.Wasserman, who for the last three years has worked as an administrative assistant at KPL Insurance Group, has reportedly amassed over 250,000 rabid followers since first taking Twitter by storm in 2009 and has since blown up into one of the most prominent and popular voices in the social media sphere.“I try to add something new to the conversation with every post,” said Wasserman, who sources claim totally kills it with his tweets day in, day out and receives absolutely no benefits from his employer. “My followers expect the best, and I take that as a responsibility to always give them something to really think about.”According to sources, Wasserman receives over 300 retweets and 400 favorites on each of the roughly 30 tweets he posts daily. The universally proclaimed “Twitter luminary” also reportedly attracts hundreds of new followers every week and has a $1,000 monthly credit limit on his VISA card.