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CRAB provides the statistical and operational support required by Data Monitoring Committees (DMCs) or Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMBs). The Independent Statistical Center (ISC) creates and presents in-depth and insightful analyses and reports to support the DMC Members in timely decision-making.

CRAB Biostatisticians have decades of experience serving as the ISC, as well as members of the DMC. This experience has informed our approach to create well-organized and comprehensive reports.

CRAB Staff are responsive to the needs of the DMC. Regular and swift communication from CRAB Project Managers will ensure the DMC adheres to the charter.

CRAB will ensure data and documentation are securely stored and transferred. Access to the data and documentation is restricted by role in the DMC, and securely managed by a CRAB Sponsored Secure-FTP or through compliant software.

Operational Support
CRAB Project Managers will aid in facilitating efficiency in operational activities of the DMC and ISC, including:
  • Coordinate and schedule meetings with all DMC members
  • Distribute all meetings documents before and after meetings, as per DMC charter
  • Manage timesheets and payments of DMC Members
  • Liaise between ISC, DMC, and Sponsor

  • Statistical Support
    The ISC provides the following services:
  • Create or review DMC charter
  • Program and QC tables, listings, and figures (TLFs)
  • Analyze and interpret data for efficacy, safety, study conduct, and interim analyses
  • Prepare and present reports for open and closed-session meetings