About Us

Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION is to help conquer cancer and other diseases using the tools and expertise we bring to clinical trials development:

  • Biostatistical principles and analysis
  • Oncology clinical trials expertise
  • Data management and monitoring capabilities
  • Electronic data capture solutions
  • Education, support and training

OUR VISION is to be a leader in clinical trials research to end suffering from cancer.

Photo of CRAB employees in a building lobby
CRAB Employees

Our Approach

Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB) collaborates with investigators to design, implement, and execute clinical trials to obtain reliable and replicable results. Clinical trials guide new therapeutics, prevention programs and standards of care. We efficiently contribute our expertise from the design of the study and protocol development through to the final analysis and publication of results.

Our highly trained cancer research specialists, together with collaborators, leverage CRAB’s proprietary database and electronic data capture system, to provide seamless data collection, query tracking, and resolution so that analyses follow immediately upon study completion.

CRAB Knows Cancer

  • CRAB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, founded in 1997 by internationally renowned biostatistician John Crowley, Ph.D.
  • Research teams at CRAB, under the direction of President and CEO Antje Hoering, Ph.D., lead the development of statistical methods and technologies to optimize cancer research and the clinical trial process
  • CRAB’s primary partner and collaborator is the SWOG Cancer Research Network but our clinical trial services extend to other consortia, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies
  • CRAB has experience and expertise in providing data in cancer staging, historical controls, high dimensional genomic correlatives and targeted designs and therapies
  • CRAB is mission driven - our goal is to prevent and cure cancer. We are committed to assuring the highest research quality and integrity so that patients on our trials and others who follow them will benefit from the knowledge gained
  • We have the integrity and diversity of expertise to successfully advance clinical trials of promising new therapies
  • CRAB has pioneered the development of statistical methods and technologies to optimize cancer research
Sally Lightfoot crab - Galapagos Islands
Sally Lightfoot crab - Galápagos Islands - photo by John Crowley

Core Values


Everyone contributes in a meaningful way


An open front allows for better ideas


We'll keep fighting until it's gone


We perform unbiased analysis on treatments


Every patient counts