CRAB Collaborates with Like-Minded Organizations and Agencies Around the World to Improve Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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CRAB achieves its mission through long-standing partnerships with a variety of organizations. The SWOG Cancer Research Network’s Statistics and Data Management Center (SDMC) is co-located at Fred Hutch and CRAB. SWOG is one of five U.S.-based National Cancer Institute-supported Network Groups within the National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN). CRAB’s Clinical Research Services (CRS) division has a number of impactful partnerships with research consortia as well as with biotech and pharmaceutical clients. As we continue to build and leverage our oncology expertise, our client-centric approach allows us to strengthen and expand our key research partnerships.

SWOG Collaboration

The Statistics and Data Management Center (SDMC) for SWOG, is global cancer research community, designing and conducting publicly funded clinical trials. CRAB is one of several organizations like Fred Hutch that work collaboratively to achieve the mission of SWOG.


Friends Collaboration

CRAB Serves as the independent analysis center for the ctMoniTR project, sponsored by Friends of Cancer Research (Friends)


Fred Hutch Collaboration

The SWOG Statistics and Data Management Center is co-located at Fred Hutch and CRAB.​​ Employees of both CRAB and Fred Hutch work in close collaboration to complete clinical trial builds, data management and biostatistical analysis.


IASLC Collaboration

Under the leadership of International Association For The Study Of Lung Cancer (IASLC), CRAB has gathered and analyzed data on over 200,000 lung cancer cases and conducted sophisticated analyses of the data.