Electronic Data Capture

CRAB has extensive experience in developing software solutions to support data collection for clinical trials

Our CRAB Nebula™ systems include technologies to securely capture, store, analyze and report data. CRAB Nebula includes electronic data capture (EDC), with seamless integration of the following features:

  • Customizable Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs)
  • Randomization (Interactive Web Response System)
  • Data Visualization and Reporting
  • Customizable Edit Checks
  • File Uploads
  • Medical Images
  • Lab Management
  • Automated Query Tracking
  • Patient Evaluation
  • Unified Database for Cross-Trial Analyses
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA Compliant

CRAB Nebula systems are tailored towards cancer research. Trial setup time and costs can be streamlined with use of our large eCRF and report libraries. Since CRAB has wide-ranging experience in clinical trials, these libraries cover a variety of disease types and study needs.

CRAB also offers other clinical trial software services such as:

  • EDC Study Builds for multiple vendors
  • Clinical Database Design
  • Database Migrations
  • CDISC Development
  • Web Services

If you would like a demo or have any other questions about our software services, please contact us.