CRAB Leadership

CRAB's Management Team and Board of Directors

Management Team

The Officers of Cancer Research And Biostatistics bring a myriad of skills and talents honed through years of experience in cancer research, clinical trials, and product development. Our leadership team has experience working with publicly funded clinical trial consortia such as SWOG Cancer Research Network as well as working with universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical partners, and biotech companies. This team oversees the day to day leadership and operations of CRAB, and works closely with the clinicians seeing patients.

photo of CEO, Antje Hoering

Antje Hoering, PH.D.
President, Chief Executive Officer


Damien Mar Chong, M.B.A.
Vice President, Chief Financial Officer


Chris Cook, M.A.
Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Board of Directors

CRAB has assembled a key group of leaders with experience in the fields of medicine, non-profit operations, law, finances and statistics. Our board members provide oversight and oversee the organization's activities, operations and finances.

photo of CEO, Antje Hoering

Antje Hoering, Ph.D.
Board Chair, President & CEO
Cancer Research And Biostatistics

John Crowley bio photo

John J. Crowley, Ph.D.
Chief of Strategic Alliances
Cancer Research And Biostatistics

Arthur Ross bio photo

Arthur Ross, B.S.
Director of Technology
Technology Access Foundation

David Gray bio photo

David Gray, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Oncology Research & Development

Frank Curci bio photo

Frank X. Curci, J.D.
Attorney at Law
Buchalter Ater Wynne

Gary Goodman

Gary Goodman, M.D.
Swedish Hospital Tumor Institute
Fred Hutch

Jonathan Sham bio photo

Jonathan Sham, M.D., M.B.E.E.
Physician, Fred Hutch, Assistant Professor of Surgery, UW School of Medicine, Attending Surgeon, UW Medicine, Affiliate Professor, Clinical Research Division, Fred Hutch

Melissa Alvendia bio picture

Melissa Alvendia, DR.PH., M.S.
Director of Programs & Strategy, Fred Hutch
Director of Program Operations, Public Health Sciences, Fred Hutch

Mike LeBlanc bio photo

Michael LeBlanc, Ph.D.
PhD Group Statistician
Fred Hutch

Patrick Heagerty bio photo

Patrick Heagerty, Ph.D.
Biostatistics Professor
University of Washington,
School of Public Health

Roderic Davis bio photo

Roderic Davis, M.B.A.
Relationship Manager, Loan Officer
The Commerce Bank of WA

Steve Snapinn

Steve Snapinn, Ph.D.
Independent Consultant

Tim Cummins bio photo

Tim Cummins
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer
Sonata Capital Group