CRAB statisticians have decades of experience in the design and analysis of a wide variety of oncology clinical trials. Trials range from Phase I single- or multi-institution industry sponsored trials to Phase III multi-institutional cooperative group trials.

Biostatisticians are also adept at analysis of high-dimensional data such as gene expression and SNP data to identify reproducible genetic markers and sophisticated analyses supporting cancer staging projects.


We bring a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise with decades of experience.



Our biomedical and statistical calculators are here to assist with design, analysis and probabilities.


Statistical Tools

Utilize our statistical calculators and trial design tools.


Statisiticians' Forum

This forum gives biostatisticians who work on oncology clinical trials an opportunity to share their experience and insights with other biostatisticians in a question and answer interview format. Dr. David Gray, a long-time CRAB board member and oncology statistician, is leading this effort.