CRAB provides support for all aspects of a clinical trial

CRAB provides an efficient and seamless suite of clinical trial services that support inception of the study to publication of the trial results. Our statisticians design studies that are efficient in regards to sample size and ensure that the objectives of the study can be answered unambiguously. Statisticians work with CRAB Data Monitors and Applications Developers to create electronic case report forms provided through an electronic data capture (EDC) system that collects all required data in a manner that will efficiently support analysis.

CRAB Project Managers oversee the entire process to ensure the study delivers on time and on budget. Once the study is activated in the EDC, CRAB Data Managers perform centralized monitoring of the data in real time, work with the site to resolve queries so that the final data are clean, complete and accurate. Our approach to remote data monitoring reduces the need for on-site clinical monitoring except when needed. CRAB Statisticians generate Statistical Analysis Plans, interim analyses, support Data and Safety Monitoring Committees (DSMC), and produce analysis outputs that support the final study report, abstracts, presentations and manuscript publication.

Biostatisical Projects

Biostatisticians at CRAB are not only expert in design and analysis of cancer clinical trials but have expertise in the identification of genetic markers and targeted designs, cancer staging and historical controls.


Biostatisical Services

The design and analysis of a wide variety of oncology clinical trials constitutes the majority of our work.


Clinical Monitoring

CRAB creates a clinical monitoring plan that can be tailored to meet your needs.


Data Management

Data collection, management and quality are our top priority.


DMC Services

Position your DMC or DSMB for success; with decades of experience, consistent communication, and secure document and meeting systems.


Electronic Data Capture

CRAB has extensive experience in creating software solutions for clinical trials.



Our facilities include secure data center and collaborative meeting spaces.


Research Teams

Working to ensure the most optimal trial.



CRAB provides several types of training to clinical professionals.


Site Management

CRAB offers Site Management Services that organize oncology clinical trials nation-wide in the U.S. and internationally.