Pragmatica-Lung Trial (S2302)

Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB) is excited to be a part of the Pragmatica-Lung trial (S2302) which is set to be activated by 2/27/23. The S2302 Pragmatica-Lung trial is a phase 3 follow-up trial to Lung-MAP. S2302 is a new approach to clinical trials with the intent to streamline the existing model of clinical trials by opening eligibility requirements, patient representation, expanding participating sites to all NCTNs, minimal follow-up data and one primary outcome of overall survival (OS.)

Cancer Research And Biostatistics (CRAB) is an active collaborator in this project, serving together with a group of statisticians at the Fred Hutch as the Statistics and Data Management Center (SDMC) for the Pragmatica-Lung trial. CRAB collects, reviews, manages and stores the trial data. The collection of data will take place in Rave, where CRAB’s Certified Rave Study Builders will configure the platform. Data managers and statisticians collaborate with sites to ensure study data is complete, accurate and available for analysis in real time. The SDMC follows quality control and review procedures to ensure the integrity of the data evaluation. To learn more about the Pragmatica-Lung trial, visit: